parents with learning disabilities

This audio publication focuses on the support that parents with learning disabilities sometimes need for them to be the best parents they can and to make sure that their children do well in their care. It explores the challenges many of these parents face and the ways in which professionals can work alongside them to ensure good outcomes for the whole family. In particular it highlights the need for adult and childrens' services to work together.

This research briefing was published by the Social Care Institute for Excellence in February 2005. A SCIE research briefing is a summary of information on a particular topic to update practice at the health and social care interface. The topic of this briefing is parents with intellectual or learning disabilities and the support they may need to help them as parents.

Report of a study which aimed to establish the likely demand for advocacy services to support parents with a learning disability living in the community, demonstrate the lived experiences of parents with a learning disability and report examples of good practice in supporting parents with a learning disability.