school children

The characteristics of bullying victims in schools

Paper summarising the findings of an in-depth investigation into pupil characteristics and school characteristics relating to bullying of secondary school pupils aged 14 to 16 in England.

Count Us In: We're still here: Successful Transitions from Secondary School

The document has been produced by HM Inspectorate of Education specifically to support secondary schools in improving the experiences and successes of all their pupils in making post-school transitions, but it will also be useful for those working in partner agencies. This document is part of the wider support comprising The Journey to Excellence series and is a follow up to Count us in.

Personal finance education in schools : a UK benchmark study (Consumer research 50)

Paper revealing the results of a survey of over 1,000 schools carried out to assess the extent and quality of the provision of personal finance education with the purpose of establishing a benchmark measure of this subject in schools throughout the UK.

Customer voice research : raising standards

Report of a study which aimed to understand the motivations and barriers for parents getting involved in helping to raise school standards and increase the supply of good school places.

Happy, safe and achieving their potential :a standard of support for children and young people in Scottish schools.

Scottish Government report from the National Review of Guidance, providing 10 standards to develop personal support in Scottish schools. The standard for personal support provides a framework for building positive relationships and enabling pupils and parents to access support, and describes what must be in place in schools to ensure that all children progress in their learning and personal and social development.

Growing up in Scotland: children's social, emotional and behavioural characteristics at entry to primary school

Document which forms part of a series that summarises key findings from the fourth sweep of the survey, which was collected in 2008/09 when children in the birth cohort were aged 3-4 years and those in the child cohort were aged 5-6 years. It presents key findings from the Growing Up in Scotland study (GUS) report Children’s social, emotional and behavioural characteristics at entry to primary school.

Healthy minds : promoting emotional health and well-being in schools

Report looking into the role played by schools in promoting the emotional well-being of their pupils and measuring their performance against guidance given to schools by the Department of Education and Skills and the National Healthy Schools Standards.

Count us in: achieving success for deaf pupils: practical examples from primary, secondary and special schools

This report has been produced jointly by HM Inspectorate of Education (HMIE) and the National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS). The aim of the publication is to report on the quality of education currently experienced by deaf children in Scottish schools, to provide examples of good practice and to identify signposts for improvement which schools can use when planning for excellence.

Learning about personalisation : how can we put the learner at the heart of the education system?

Pamphlet arguing that the complexities of modern society mean that the learner has to be placed at the centre of education. It proposes personalised learning as a way of achieving this and explains how education and other public services can be transformed so that they offer genuinely personalised services.

Healthy food provision and promotion in schools : final report

Report presenting the findings of an evaluation of the effect of healthy food provision and promotion in Glasgow schools on pupils' food choices in school and in the home. In particular, it aimed to pinpoint factors which might be barriers to healthy eating.