social work education

Involving users and carers in social work education

This podcast is an interview with Maggie Gee, University of Dundee, on the topic of involving users and carers in social work education.

Inter-professional learning in social work education

This podcast is an interview with Brenda Gillies, University of Dundee, on inter-professional learning in social work education.

Social Work Now

Social Work Now is the professional practice journal of Child, Youth and Family and is published three times a year (April, August and December). Its focus is on articles about social work practice and theory as they relate to children, young people and families.

Task Centred Casework

This multimedia learning object provides an introduction to the "task-centered" model of social work intervention. This model was based on the work of Sigmund Freud and the psychoanalysts. Psychoanalytic social work emphasised relationship-focused intervention with the professional adopting the role of the 'expert'.

Performance assessment in social work education project

This podcast is an interview with Kathryn MacKay - University of Stirling, on the performance assessment in social work education project.

Building a safe, confident future : the final report of the Social Work Task Force

Report providing a comprehensive review of frontline social work practice in England and making a series of recommendations for improvement and reform of the whole profession across adult and children's services.

New Degree, New Standards? : a project investigating the alignment of the Standards in Social Work Education (SiSWE) to the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF)

This project shines a spotlight on the social work qualifying degrees in Scotland with a particular emphasis on the relationship between the SiSWE and the SCQF. It seeks to understand how these two frameworks align to support improved standards of student attainment at a time when the profession has moved from a diploma to degree level qualification.

Centre For The Advancement Of Interprofessional Education (CAIPE)

This website is dedicated to the promotion and development of interprofessional education (IPE). It provides information and advice through its website, bulletins, papers and outlets provided by others, and has a close association with the Journal of Interprofessional Care.

Improving care in challenging times - SCIE annual review 2008/09

Annual review detailing the challenges faced by the social care sector over the past year, and highlights the issues and possible improvements to services.