Parent Know How

YouTube video introducing Parent Know How, a programme developed by the Families Unit at DCSF to ensure parents can access the information, advice and guidance they need to assist them with their parenting.

Study support : a national framework for extending learning opportunities

UK Government document placing study support (or out of school hours learning) in the context of the government's other strategies to improve pupil achievement and develop extended services in and around schools.

Sex education in Scottish schools

Web pages that contain updated information on sex education in Scottish schools including a Summary of National Advice on Sex Education, A Guide for Parents and Carers and Guidance for Schools and Local Authorities on Effective Consultation with Parents and Carers.

Drug education in schools

Report evaluating the quality of drug education programmes witnessed in schools during a survey. It sketches young people's use of drugs including alcohol and tobacco and identifies aspects of provision, e.g. teaching, which have improved since the last Ofsted report in 1997.

Restorative justice services for children and young people and those harmed by their behaviour

Document providing guidance for agencies such as schools, police, anti-social behaviour teams, residential child care and social work on the principles, protocols and criteria for the use of restorative justice services in Scotland for children and young people and those harmed by their behaviour.

About learning

Report of a study established to look at the whole issue of learning in schools and consider the development of a working vocabulary for practitioners and policymakers centred on the concept of learning for pupils of school age. It also attempts to clarify the concept of learning to learn.

DIY professionalism : futures for teaching

Report asking what kind of teacher professionalism is needed in order to give children the best education and investigating the stress and sense of diminished professionalism that teachers across the English education system often report with a view to enabling teachers to better understand the forces which affect their professional lives.

Parent power

Report surveying the state of the school education system in Scotland and advocating greater power for parents and autonomy for schools as a means of improving standards in school education.

Protecting children: a shared responsibility

For children to be effectively protected it is essential that everyone accepts responsibility for the welfare of children. For this to be effective within education, it means that everyone must be aware of child protection arrangements, alert to the needs of children and clear about their own contributions to the system.

Promoting young people's social and emotional wellbeing in secondary education (NICE public health guidance 20)

Document providing guidance on how to promote the social and emotional well-being of young people in secondary education and intended for those with a responsibility for young people in secondary education.