Report surveying the state of the school education system in Scotland and advocating greater power for parents and autonomy for schools as a means of improving standards in school education.

For children to be effectively protected it is essential that everyone accepts responsibility for the welfare of children. For this to be effective within education, it means that everyone must be aware of child protection arrangements, alert to the needs of children and clear about their own contributions to the system.

Document providing guidance on how to promote the social and emotional well-being of young people in secondary education and intended for those with a responsibility for young people in secondary education.

Report of a study which sought to understand how parents and children/young people plan for and cope with the major transitions they and their children make during key parts of their educational life and what support and information they need/would like before, during and after.

Report of a study which set out to discover how children and young people use new technologies. It concludes that the use of digital technology has been completely normalised by children and young people and is fully integrated into their daily lives.

Review exploring the evidence on healthy food provision and promotion in schools from various standpoints such as the policy context for food and health in Scotland, UK and beyond, the effects of choice and social inequalities and influences such as the impact of the physical and social environment.

Document describing the types of out-of-hours services offered by many schools and the benefits these can bring to families.

This evaluation report summarises the responses to Ofsted’s consultation on the proposals for maintained school inspections from September 2009.

Paper assessing the effectiveness of the teachers continuing professional development resource, Teachers' TV, in the context of how teachers learn and the barriers to teachers' learning.