BBC Radio 4: Disabled Access to Air Transport - disability

BBC Radio 4 programme including an interview about the new EU regulation to improve access for disabled people when using air transport.

Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000

The purpose of this Act of Scottish Parliament is to provide for decisions to be made on behalf of adults who lack legal capacity to do so themselves because of mental disorder or inability to communicate. The decisions concerned may be about the adult's property or financial affairs, or about their personal welfare, including medical treatment. The Act is in 7 parts.

Children's hearing system: secondary teaching pack

These materials are intended to support teachers and pupils through their learning about the Children’s Hearings system. In preparing these, the aim has been to provide materials for use in the classroom within the PSE, Citizenship and Modern Studies curricula which will provide accurate information about the Hearings system and help pupils to gain a better understanding of the key issues.

Convention on the Rights of the Child

Document containing the full text of all the articles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Is poverty in the UK a denial of people's human rights? (summary report)

Being poor in the United Kingdom can mean being subjected to discrimination on the grounds of poverty. Both poverty and discrimination are contrary to the spirit and the terms of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights. Damian Killeen argues that the refusal of successive governments to incorporate the International Covenant of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights into UK law has compounded common social attitudes that denigrate people who experience poverty and that undermine popular support for policies to eradicate poverty.

Justice for Europe's children : the sixth Kilbrandon child care lecture

This resource is the sixth in a series of lectures designed to honour the memory and achievement of Lord Kilbrandon who wrote one of the most influential policy statements on how a society should deal with 'children in trouble'. This lecture discusses Council of Europe treaties, standard setting, the promotion of rights and juvenile justice.

Mandatory Reporting in Child Welfare : Developments in England

This podcast is part of the Glasgow School of Social Work Research Seminar Series and presents Professor Nigel Parton, University of Huddersfield, talking about mandatory reporting in child welfare.

Assessment in social work: a guide for learning and teaching

This resource guide examines aspects of assessment in social work and goes on to consider teaching and learning of assessment.

Abolition of Poindings and Warrant Sales Act 2001

This Act of Scottish Parliament abolishes the process by which payment of a debt can be enforced by poinding or warrant sale. The Act ensures that any enactment or rule of law allowing such enforcement shall cease to have effect. Poinding (pronounced ‘pinding’) is a form of diligence enabling the attachment of a debtor’s moveable property by the creditor. A Warrant Sale is a form of diligence by which a debtor’s moveable property is sold to repay the debt. The warrant sale can only commence after poinding procedure has been carried out by an officer of court.

Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Act 2004

This resource is the Act of Scottish Parliament which looks at education and additional support for learning. It provides a new system for identifying and addressing the additional support needs of children and young people who face a barrier to learning. The Act encompasses any need that requires additional support in order for the child or young person to learn.