criminal justice

Paper that offers an ex-offender's viewpoint on the outlook of many young people today, or what is termed 'Social Deprivation Mindset'. The author also suggests that the criminal justice system should place most of their emphasis on changing the mindset of problematic individuals, rather than placing most of their efforts on challenging their re-offending.

Fact sheet covering the topic of custody and young people and what alternatives are available.

The Justice Committee believes that the effective rehabilitation of offenders is vital in order to reduce crime levels, reduce the economic and social costs of crime and help create a safer Scotland. It also enables those individuals who have offended, for a variety of reasons, to choose a better life for themselves, their families and communities.

The Edinburgh Study of Youth Transitions and Crime is a programme of research that aims to address a range of fundamental questions about the causes of criminal and risky behaviours in young people.

The core of the programme is a major longitudinal study of a single cohort of around 4,000 young people who started secondary school in Edinburgh in the autumn of 1998.

Factsheet that discussses the issue that adults and young people with learning and communication difficulties are over represented in prisons and the secure estate.