secure units

Briefing that presents key findings of research which evaluated the Time for Change Young Women’s Project, a community-based intensive support service for young women and girls aged 14 to 17 years at high risk of being drawn into secure care and custodial detention.

Research carried out by User Voice which presents the stark reality of some young people’s experience of being physically restrained by staff in the secure juvenile estate.

Report of the Inquiry into the cases of abuse which occurred at Kerelaw Residential School and Secure Unit over a number of years. The report details the Inquiry's findings and lists its recommendations for better residential child care practices and procedures.

Report summarising the views of 23 young people from four secure units and a sample of lawyers, children's reporters and panel members on the value of having lawyers represent young people at children's panels.

Report of a review of the use of physical restraint on young people in custody conducted in the wake of the deaths of two young men in secure training centres in which restraint played a part and making recommendations on restraint procedures and practice.