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WIRED is a grassroots initiative to tackle drug and alcohol misuse that merges real world activities with a website for the purpose of disseminating information, providing support, education and training, carrying out research, and enhancing the impact and reach of other successful programmes.

This web page by Deborah Kaplan, Director of the World Institute on Disability, discusses different ways of defining 'disability' and looks at the complex ways that persons with disabilities perceive themselves and their changing status in society. For models for defining disability are discussed in detail: the moral, medical, rehabilitation, and disability models. References and web links are given.

This site aims to raise awareness and understanding of substance misuse, the problems it creates and the ways to deal with these problems. It provides a portal for news on drug and alcohol misuse, from worldwide news media and professional sources; original articles on key issues, personal stories, project profiles, recommended books; and customised content for the general public, practitioners and problem users.

Online resource for health professionals consisting of a list of journal articles, books, chapters and other information all pertaining to the subject of ageing and human sexuality.

Guidance, consisting of nine separate modules, which aims to supply social care organisations with the tools and resources necessary to plan for and cope with the challenges posed by pandemic influenza.

Webpage on the Every Child Matters website describing and containing resources relating to the Integrated Children's System, a framework for working with children in need and their families.

Set of resources comprising training slides and detailed delivery notes to support implementation of the integrated working processes and tools, i.e. information sharing, Common Assessment Framework and lead professional.

Webpage containing the documents relating to the UK bill for reform of the statutory framework for the care system.

Set of resources providing clear guidance for practitioners on when and how they may share information legally and professionally about an individual with whom they are in contact.

This Learning Zone is part of the UK government web site The Learning Zone introduces and organises some of the approaches that have been developed to inform crime reduction practice. The Online Learning section has three sub-sections: Theories and Models; Practical Tools; and Learning Resources. Each sub-section consists of links to text and references, which themselves link to PDF and Word files of a number of papers on crime reduction.