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Radio 4: you and yours - disability

This BBC resource contains a range of radio programmes on disability.

Reforming social care (Radio 4 series : Woman's Hour)

Episode of Woman's Hour in which the UK Government Green Paper on reform of the social care system in England is discussed. The guests, Phil Hope, Minister of State for Care Services; Martin Knapp, Professor of Social Policy at the London School of Economics; and Imelda Redmond, Chief Executive of Carers UK and Christine Ransome-Wallis, who cared for her elderly mother for 12 years; discuss the shape the new system might take.

Bringing up Britain (BBC Radio 4 series)

Episode 3 of this series in which Mariella Frostrup and guests, Christine Tufnell, Penny Mansfield, Nick Woodall and Elly Farmer, explore step-parenting and 'blended families' from the point of view of parents, children and society.

Reforming social care - listener feedback (Radio 4 series : Woman's Hour)

Episode of Woman's Hour which broadcast a selection of listeners' stories and suggestions received in response to a previous discussion on the UK Government's proposals to reform the social care system in England.

All in the mind (BBC Radio 4 series)

Edition of the "All in the mind" series devoted to the subject of dementia. Professor Julie Williams talks about her pioneering work in genetics, and Simon Lovestone talks about the search for a biomarker in blood. The quality of dementia care in the UK is also discussed.

You and yours (BBC Radio 4 series)

Edition of this series which includes a feature on the issue of mental health problems and employment.

More or Less

More or Less is a series of programmes on BBC Radio 4 and is part of the website. is the online learning portal from the Open University and the BBC. More or Less examines the role numbers, statistics and figures play in our everyday lives and considers where these figures come from, what they mean - and how they can shape our lives.

All in the mind (BBC Radio 4 series)

Edition of "All in the mind" which discusses the Bradley Report on mental health problems in prisons. Guests Sean Duggan, Linda Bryant and Sharon Bowman examine different approaches to the problem such as making greater use of diversion schemes.

File on 4 (BBC Radio 4 series)

Following an incident in which a man with schizophrenia killed two people, this programme investigates allegations of widespread problems in community mental health services which are allowing dangerous patients to commit violent offences or harm themselves.

BBC Radio 4 - Unproven Treatments - Disability

BBC Radio 4 programme with Professor Colin Blakemore. Unproven treatments for terminal conditions abound on the internet. Now scientists doctors and charities are warning people with long term incurable conditions who may think ‘they’ve got nothing to lose’ that they may indeed lose quite a lot.