Section of the DWP's website containing details of Sir David Henshaw's report on redesigning child maintenance, the Child Maintenance and Other Payments Bill 2007 and the Government's 2006 White Paper, "A new system of child maintenance".

Website of the Child Poverty Action Group, the campaigning charity dedicated to the eradication of child poverty in the UK.

This site has been developed as part of a Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) and the Department of Health (DH) social worker recruitment campaign. The site will eventually display six films based on the real-life stories of people who have needed a social workers. Each story demonstrates the complexity, depth and emotion of the issues involved and that social workers use their high levels of skill and knowledge to interact with a range of age groups on many different issues. Those visiting the site can also comment on the stories they have viewed.

Website of End Child Poverty, the campaigning group whose objective is to eliminate child poverty through public education, forming partnerships between the public, private and voluntary sectors to achieve this end and pressing government for more action.

This area of the BBC's website focuses on issues of religion and ethics. This resource provides an introduction to Sikhism, including its historical background, customs, beliefs, worship, features and subdivisions.

This is the official website of the ECHR. Includes full text of recent judgments and complete list of judgments from 1959.

The Practice-based Professional Learning Centre (PBPL) is one of the four Centres for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at the Open University. This website provides information about the Centre and its activities, details of how to get involved and links to resources relating to practice-based professional learning.

RD4U is a website designed for young people by young people as part of Cruse Bereavement Care's Youth Involvement Project. It's purpose is to support young people after the death of someone close. It offers a message board for young people to support each other, an email support line, writing and art work submitted by young people, a special section for young men, a resource list, and a fun section of online games.

FAST is a small, independent organisation and registered charity which works collaboratively with other members of the Assistive Technology community, across statutory, voluntary and private sectors to bring innovative products to market and to improve services for disabled and older people. Their website includes a database of Assistive Technology research and development, a list of events and workshops, and a guide to training and courses in Assistive Technology.

The Scottish Recovery Indicator (SRI) is a mental health service development tool designed to aid mental health services in making sure their activities are focused on assisting the recovery of people using their services. The SRI is a three-stage process involving planning and preparation, collecting data and drawing up a service development plan.