You, your child and alcohol

Booklet which offers parents facts and information on how to start talking with their child/children and help them to understand the effects of drinking alcohol.

Journeys of Recovery : stories of hope and recovery from long term mental health problems

This booklet of short narratives of recovery has been derived from the research project: "Recovering Mental Health in Scotland. Research project" (Brown, Wendy, and Kandirikirira, Niki. 2007). The stories are summaries from research interviews conducted with individuals who are in recovery from long term metal health problems. (en)

Routes to recovery : collected wisdom from the Scottish Recovery Network narrative research project

This short booklet has been derived from the research report: "Recovering Mental Health in Scotland. Report on Narrative Investigation of Mental Health Recovery" (Brown, Wendy, and Kandirikirira, Niki. 2007).

It is intended to highlight some of the strategies that people indicated had supported their mental health recovery journey.

Forgotten voices: thoughts, ideas and feelings

A guidance leaflet on how to prepare for fostering. It is mainly composed of quotation from young people who have experienced fostering.

Alzheimer's disease: unravelling the mystery

This resource was written for people with Alzheimer's Disease (AD), their family members, friends, and caregivers, and anyone else interested in AD.

Personalisation through participation. A new script for social services

This pamphlet engages with the key debate facing politicians, policy-makers, staff and the public – whether we can build a model of public service delivery that overcomes the limitations of both paternalism and consumerism.

Facing dementia

A booklet for those who are either worried about dementia or who have been diagnosed. It provides reassurance and suggests practical steps to improve or maintain dignity and the quality of life as far as possible.

Youth crime prevention fund

Funding letter to voluntary sector talking about range of support to children at risk of offending, their parents and families and by offering more effective support to victims.

Reflections on social evils and human nature

In an extract from the book Contemporary Social Evils, Matthew Taylor examines how cultural theory can help us to understand the slide into social pessimism and the credit crunch.