Mental Health and Employment

A part of the IRISS What Works: Putting Research into Practice workshops, this podcast details Miles Rinaldi speaking about what evidence exists for people with mental health problems and the issue of returning to work.

Next Practice

Recorded as part of the IRISS Masterclass Series workshops, this podcast details what next practice can offer to people using social services. Geoff Mulgan focuses on two main areas - productivity in the workplace and tools for innovation.

International Social Work : Is a Universal Ethic for Social Work Attainable?

This podcast presents Professor Richard Hugman speaking about international social work. There is also a PowerPoint presentation to accompany this podcast.

Forgotten Citizens: Researching the Past

This podcast is taken from the ‘Forgotten Citizens’ Conference held in Glasgow on the 17th June. It features Dorothy Atkinson and Mabel Cooper, who share their experiences of working alongside one another to find out about Mabel’s past in long stay institutions in England. They talk about the stories Mabel’s family had uncovered and also how Mabel feels about the institutions she had been in.

Glasgow School of Social Work Research Seminar Series: Engage, Change and Deliver

This podcast is taken from the ''Glasgow School of Social Work Research Seminar Series" held on the 9th October, and features Alan Baird, President of the Association of Directors of Social Work and Director of Social Work, Dundee City Council talks about Changing Lives in the context of what the ADSW is doing to reinvigorate the agenda and progress on personalisation of services.

Health Inequality and Canada's Aboriginal People: Foetal Alcohol Syndrome and the Criminal Justice System

This podcast is part of the Social Work and Health Inequalities Research Seminar Series and presents Denis Braken talking about health inequality and Canada's Aboriginal people, foetal alcohol syndrome and the criminal justice system.

The role of the e-Library and Shared Space to support your community

This is a podcast of a workshop which will demonstrate the NHS Scotland e-Library, how to access it and how to register for a password; the Shared space tool which provides a virtual workspace to support the sharing knowledge and learning and how to use the online discussions. Discussion of the role of communities of practice in supporting e-learning and how the tools could assist the development of these communities is also included.

Getting the balance right : achieving results with children and families

This podcast presents Maggie Mellon, Director of Children and Family Services with Children 1st, talking about working with children and families.

Economic, social and cultural contexts of parenting: achieving integrated responses to children's needs

This podcast is part of the Social Work and Health Inequalities Research Seminar Series. In this podcast Norma Baldwin talks about the economic, social and cultural contexts of parenting.

Prove Me the Bam! Victimisation and Agency in the Lives of Young Women Who Commit Violent Offences

This podcast is part of the Glasgow School of Social Work Research Seminar Series. In this podcast Susan Batchelor talks about victimisation in the lives of young women who commit violent offences.