NRCCI : higher aspirations, brighter futures - Jennifer Davidson

Podcast of a talk by Jennifer Davidson, Director SIRCC, given at the National Residential Child Care Initiative Launch Event, "Higher aspirations, brighter futures", Edinburgh Hilton, 02/12/2009.

GIRFEC: Childhood, Citizenship and Children's Services - Welcome and Minister's Address

This podcast is taken from the 'GIRFEC: Childhood, Citizenship and Children's Services' Conference held in Glasgow on the 24-26 September. Welcome and Opening Remarks and Minister's Address - Mr Adam Ingram, Minister for Children and Early Years.

Social Work Changes Lives - Dundee, 11 September 2009 - Alan Baird

Podcast of a talk by Alan Baird, Director of Social Work, Dundee City Council, given at the Social Work Changes Lives event, Dundee, 11/09/2009.

Why attachment matters in sharing meaning - Colwyn Trevarthen

Podcast of a talk by Colwyn Trevarthen, Professor (Emeritus) of Child Psychology & Psychobiology, University of Edinburgh, given at the SIRCC seminar, "Why Attachment Matters", Glasgow Marriott Hotel, 11/09/2009.

Sharing Knowledge, Improving Practice, Changing Lives keynote - Alan Baird

Podcast of keynote talk by Alan Baird, President, Association of Directors of Social Work, given at "Sharing Knowledge, Improving Practice, Changing Lives" conference, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, 06/02/2009.

The Motivational hallo

This review is taken from the Manners Matter Series which is about how services can encourage clients to stay and do well by the manner in which they offer treatment.

The law and social work in Scotland (OU podcasts)

This album tackles the complex relationships social workers experience in the wide spectrum of their work, from those with families affected by social deprivation to those with judges, lawyers and other members of the legal system. The tracks analyse the role of the family in Scottish life in relation to the many voluntary bodies that exist to assist and inform them, and the legal obligations of social workers. Participants from single mothers to solicitors presented their perspectives in a series of frank, informative interviews.