weight management

This report and the associated searchable database summarise schemes to promote healthy weight among obese and overweight children in England for which the EPPI-Centre were able to obtain data. In order to be included in the database, schemes needed a primary focus on tackling overweight or obesity in school-age children (4-18 years) who were already overweight or obese, through dietary, exercise or other means. Included interventions had to be structured and sustained over a period of time.This systematic review was published by EPPI-Centre in 2008.

The EPPI-Centre carried out a scoping review to provide an overview of the current international research literature that evaluates the effectiveness of incentives to address health behaviours related to smoking, healthy eating, physical activity, obesity and weight management. This systematic review was published by EPPI-Centre in 2010. .Systematic reviews aim to find as much as possible of the research relevant to the particular research questions, and use explicit methods to identify what can reliably be said on the basis of these studies.