Sure Start

The role of Children's Centres in early intervention

Report that shows how children’s centres have steadily grown in number and reach since their original purpose as highly targeted forms of intervention in 1997. Since 2010 there has been a pressure from government for them to re-focus their attention.

This research shows that under the new model of funding, expenditure on Children’s Centres has fallen since 2010 by an estimated 28%.

Breaking barriers: how to help children's centres reach disadvantaged families

Report based on a survey of parents with children aged 0–5 who do not use children’s centres and consultations with our children’s centre staff and users.

The impact of Sure Start Local Programmes on seven year olds and their families

The ultimate goal of Sure Start Local Programmes (SSLPs) was to enhance the life chances for young children growing up in disadvantaged neighbourhoods. Children in these communities were at risk of doing poorly at school, having trouble with peers and agents of authority (i.e., parents, teachers), and ultimately experiencing compromised life chances (e.g., early school leaving, unemployment, limited longevity).

This report looks at the impact of Sure Start on seven year olds and their families.

Ending child poverty by 2020: progress made and lessons learned

Series of articles by various authors on the subject of child poverty. Topics covered include: social mobility, employment, Sure Start, child protection, well-being and early years education.

Increasing parental and community involvement in Sure Start children’s centres

Paper for those who would like to become more involved in running Sure Start Children’s Centres, such as community groups, on behalf of a local authority. It is also for local authorities and anyone who uses or is involved in running children’s centres.

Sure Start delivery in 2011/2: an inquiry, interim report

The All Party Parliamentary Group for Sure Start was founded in June 2010 in order to enable Parliamentarians to focus on and further the understanding and development of Sure Start centres. During 2011 the group undertook a series of inquiry sessions designed to hear the views and experiences of a range of key stakeholders at the heart of Sure Start delivery. The sessions were designed to inform Parliamentarians‘ understanding of the factors influencing local decisions, the way that services are being reconfigured and explore ways that services can be developed and improved.