person-centred care

Caroline Tomlinson tells the story of her son Joe, the first person in the UK to receive an individual budget which fundamentally improved the quality of his life.

Tool developed to help assess how ready services are to deliver personalised care. It will be of particular use to social care providers. This is the first stage of the development.

The second stage will be launched in December 2010, which will direct individuals to resources that will help make improvements.

Briefing that examines the implications of the personalisation agenda for social workers.

This report evaluates a pilot project offering personalised budgets to rough sleepers in the City of London. The report presents the outcomes of the pilot for individuals involved, in terms of accommodation, support needs and quality of life; explores how the personalised approach, the personalised
budget and other factors contributed to these outcomes; explores common stages in the journeys that people made from the streets and into accommodation; and considers the sustainability of outcomes and possibilities for replication and expansion.

Resource that will help users to: consider the possible benefits and drawbacks of personalisation, review practitioner’s perceptions of personalisation, reflect on service user experience, develop skills in supporting an individual through the process, identify future learning/training requirements and reflect on learning in relation to personalisation.

Resource that will help users find out how much they already know about personalisation, understand what personalisation means and where it comes from, and help users familiarise themselves with legislation, policy and theory influencing the personalisation agenda.