newborn bloodspot screening

Newborn bloodspot screening

This page contains the findings of systematic reviews undertaken by review groups linked to the EPPI-Centre. The research evidence is largely relevant to screening for cystic fibrosis (CF), and little refers to screening for phenylketonuria (PKU), congenital hypothyroidism (CHT) or sickle cell disorders (SCD). This topic is included in the EPPI-Centre knowledge library. The Knowledge Pages facility enables users to search for the key messages within specific subject areas to which EPPI-Centre reviews have contributed.

What is known about communication with parents about newborn bloodspot screening?

This is a summary of research about communication with parents for newborn screening. This systematic review was published by EPPI-Centre in 2003. Systematic reviews aim to find as much as possible of the research relevant to the particular research questions, and use explicit methods to identify what can reliably be said on the basis of these studies.