initial teacher education

Systematic map into approaches to making initial teacher training flexible and responsive to the needs of trainee teachers

The aim of this review was to find research evidence which considered how providers of initial teacher training might provide flexible and responsive training for trainee teachers. This topic is included in the EPPI-Centre knowledge library. The Knowledge Pages facility enables users to search for the key messages within specific subject areas to which EPPI-Centre reviews have contributed.

International perspectives on quality in initial teacher education : an exploratory review of selected international documentation on statutory requirements and quality assurance

This review aims to inform both the policy and the research debates about the relationship between the organisation, management and framework for initial teacher education and its quality. It aims to inform the policy debate by providing an analytical, but accessible, international review of the evidence about, and approaches to, the impact of structures on quality. Further, it aims to support the development of practice by offering a systematic survey of international perspectives on the relationship between structures and quality.