Document produced to help schools prevent and respond to bullying as part of their overall behaviour policy, to understand their legal responsibilities in this area, and to understand the department’s approach.

Report that provides an analysis of the responses to 11 questions from a bespoke NFER online teacher survey, using NFER‟s Teacher Voice Panel, that took place in January 2012.

Supporting information about the survey is also provided. The questions covered the topics of e-safety, cyberbullying, pupil use of mobile phones and social networking.

The second Virtual Violence study, Beatbullying’s large-scale, in-depth study of cyberbullying among children, young people and teachers in the UK. The research builds on the first Virtual Violence study conducted in 2009 and adds valuable depth to our understanding of cyberbullying.

Such research allows us to measure the extent and impact of the problem in order to shape appropriate solutions; the findings of this report will help to map the changing landscape of digital aggression, progress made and what still remains to be done.