Interventions for drug users in the criminal justice system: Scottish review

The purpose of this review was to examine the available research evidence on criminal justice interventions in Scotland in terms of "effectiveness", (measured by rates of reconviction/reoffending, and reductions in drug use) and costs. The review also recognises the current policy emphasis on "recovery", which requires a wider acknowledgement of the possible mechanisms for measuring "success" and a wider vision for the process of recovery itself. It was undertaken between August and November 2010.

Prison statistics Scotland: 2010-11

Statistical bulletin that forms part of a series on the criminal justice system, and shows data up to 2010-11 on Scottish prison population level and characteristics, receptions to/liberations from Scottish prisons, and international comparisons.

Gangs and global exchange: confronting the Glasgow gang complex

Publication that reports on the contributions to a one-day conference held in Glasgow on the 2 December 2010.

Children and the Scottish criminal justice system

One of six briefing papers covering various aspects of the Scottish criminal justice system. It outlines the way in which children who commit offences are dealt with, focussing on those under the age of 16.

The Scottish criminal justice system: the public prosecution system

One of six briefing papers covering various aspects of the Scottish criminal justice system. It provides a brief description of the operation of the public prosecution system in Scotland.

Making the case for the social sciences: crime (No. 4)

Booklet, which is the fourth in a series, which offers 'tasters' of social science research projects, which have had an impact on public policy or social behaviour, and helped society to use some of the opportunities now available to address the challenges being faced. This one is based around why people turn to crime.

Reponding to gender-based violence in Scotland: the scope of the gender equality duty to drive cultural and practical change

Research undertaken for the Equality and Human Rights Commission by the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research, which explores some of the arguments for and against a gender aggravation in Scots criminal law before considering the evidence thus far of the impact the Gender Equality Duty (GED) has had on Scotland’s criminal justice system. It also makes a number of useful recommendations for the future.

Exploring public confidence in policing using the Scottish Crime and Justice Survey: Kath Murray (University of Edinburgh)

Briefing paper that summarises a larger research project conducted as part of an MSc in Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Edinburgh. The project examined public confidence in policing using data from the Scottish Crime and Justice Survey 2008/9 (SCJS).

The project aimed to find out whether confidence is primarily driven by reactive policing, or whether public confidence might be better explained by more expressive and symbolic factors, such as police conduct, community engagement and moral cohesion.