Advice and support about how to involve people who use services and carers in designing, delivering and co-producing care services.

Turbo charging volunteering: co-production and public service reform

Report that examines how co-production could be mainstreamed in the UK, involving a number of approaches.

Towards co-production in research with communities

Provides conceptual substantiation and practical guidance for co-producing research with communities; and advances the theory and practice of co-producing research with communities.

The parable of the blogs and squares

Video animation that shows that there is more to people than their problems, that the solution to problems lies in the problem itself, not in an imposed solution, and that co-production matters.

Co-production by Spice

Video animation that explains co-production.

What is co-production?

Factsheet about co-production, its benefits, what's important for it and how people can support it.

A project to support more effective involvement of service users in adult support and protection activity

Report of a short-term scoping project to explore how social work service practitioners might be better equipped to understand the perspectives of people who may be at risk of harm and to identify ways to improve service user participation in investigations, decision-making and meetings.

Shaping Our Lives: resources library

A list of resources collated by Shaping Our Lives  - a National network of service users and disabled people.

Co-production in social care: what it is and how to do it

A guide to co-production in social care and how to develop co-productive approaches to working with people who use services and carers.

By us, for us: the power of co-design and co-delivery

One in a series of learning products which explain why People Powered Health works, what it looks like and the key features needed to replicate success elsewhere. It draws on the experience of the six teams who took part in People Powered Health, which was led by Nesta and Innovation Unit from summer 2011 to winter 2012.