Adult safeguarding resource

Resource that explores the following questions:

Losing control: Jay

Childline video animation on the dangers of losing control in relationships.

When someone cares

Video animation about what it is to care for someone and not abuse or exploit them. 

Losing control: my story is real

Video story animation about a young woman who is trafficked from Africa. 

My right to choose

Video resource of a song and images to depict an individual's opinion on being faced with going into care, when they desire to choose their own care and support.

The social services information landscape in Scotland. A video tour.

This short video offers a guide to who's who and who does what in the social services in Scotland. It highlights the key players - such as IRISS, NHS Education for Scotland, the Scottish Social Services Council, Care Commission - and the services they provide.

Web search strategies in plain English

Video resource which describes (in an easy to understand way) how search engines work and how to find specific information quickly and efficiently.

25 Years On is Scottish criminal justice ready for the 21st century? Apex Scotland annual lecture 2012

Lecture delivered by Jeane Freeman OBE, who is a Consultant in Public Affairs, and founder and first Director of Apex. It celebrates Apex’s 25th anniversary of criminal justice developments.

Things that matter to me

Short film that has been made by Media Co-Op, for all pre-school support organisations (HomeStart, First Step and Sure Start) who help parents to show what the services offer and can offer to all parents of any background or walk of life. The parents speak about their experience, opportunities and the great support they get from these charity based organisations. Susan Deacon (Member of the Scottish Parliament) was apart of this feature film and will be using this in one of her campaigns.

The best start in life

Video resource produced by the Children's Parliament where Professor Susan Deacon undertakes an exploration of the importance of the early years of children's lives.