Early Years

A collection of resources on the topic of early years.

Social inequality and infant health in the UK: systematic review and meta-analyses

Article that looks to determine the association between area and individual measures of social disadvantage and infant health in the UK.

Growing up in Scotland: early experiences of primary school - parental involvement in school activities

Document which is part of a series that summarises key findings from the sixth sweep of the study, which was collected in 2010/11 when children in the birth cohort were aged almost 6 years old.

It is one of two summaries which presents key findings from the Growing Up in Scotland study report 'Early experiences of Primary School'.

Growing up in Scotland: the involvement of grandparents in children's lives

The overall aim of this report is to provide a more nuanced understanding of variation in grandparental support to grandchildren and their parents over a child’s early years in Scotland.

Growing up in Scotland (GUS) study: research findings and publications

Full list of Growing up in Scotland reports, summaries and briefings, as well as journal articles, presentations and newsletters.

Effective engagement in social work education. A good practice guide on involving people who use services and carers

This good practice guide is based on research conducted in 2008 to explore the extent of service user and carer involvement in the higher and further education sectors in west and southeast Scotland.

Securing standards, sustaining success: report on early intervention

Documents the views of professionals from 91 centres and provides an overview of early intervention delivered to children under five and their families. This report summarises the learning from the first phase of the project and explores the options for securing standards and sustaining success in the future.

Improving quality in the early years: a comparison of perspectives and measures

Study that sets out to consider some of these issues, exploring three of the most common and easily accessible measures used in England for identifying the quality of centre-based early years settings.

The role of informal childcare: a synthesis and critical review of the evidence

Study that explores what we do and do not know about the roles that ‘informal childcare’ play for different families. It shows how these have evolved over the past decade – and discusses how they may continue to evolve – in the light of demographic and policy changes.

Sure Start delivery in 2011/2: an inquiry, interim report

The All Party Parliamentary Group for Sure Start was founded in June 2010 in order to enable Parliamentarians to focus on and further the understanding and development of Sure Start centres. During 2011 the group undertook a series of inquiry sessions designed to hear the views and experiences of a range of key stakeholders at the heart of Sure Start delivery. The sessions were designed to inform Parliamentarians‘ understanding of the factors influencing local decisions, the way that services are being reconfigured and explore ways that services can be developed and improved.

Targeting children's centre services on the most needy families

This research aims to provide local authority early years and children’s services leaders, and children’s centre managers, with evidence of how children’s centre services are targeting the most disadvantaged families. In particular, how they are defining, identifying and prioritising families in greatest need of support, and the practical implications of targeting for local authorities, for children’s centres and for policy.