Drug and Alcohol Misuse

A collection of training materials compiled by STRADA, Scottish Training on Drugs and Alcohol.

Attitudes towards alcohol: views of problem drinkers, alcohol service users and their families and friends (Health and Community Care Research Programme Research Findings No.12)

Between February and June 2001, the Scottish Executive Health Department undertook a consultation exercise to inform the development of its Plan for Action on alcohol problems. As part of this exercise, various pieces of research were commissioned to explore issues around alcohol misuse in Scottish society.

This paper presents the main findings of a study which obtained the views of problem drinkers,current and former alcohol service users and their families and friends.

Universal Drug Prevention

This review describes research into, and practice of universal drug prevention. It provides information on several different approaches, including school and family based, communities, mass media and generic health interventions. This work is placed in the context of relevant national policy (UK).

Recovery and communities of recovery (IN Drink and Drugs News)

This article, see page 15 of the magazine, by Professor David Clark introduces the work of William White and colleagues in the USA on the subject of recovery in the substance misuse field.

Reducing harm and promoting recovery: a report on methadone treatment for substance misuse in Scotland

Paper that has been produced by an expert group of clinicians and academics in the field of substance misuse in Scotland and aims to advise ministers on the place of methadone in the treatment of substance misuse in Scotland.

The harmful health effects of recreational ecstasy:a systematic review of observational evidence

This review aims to address the question: 'What are the harmful health effects of taking ecstasy(MDMA) for recreational use?' It does not examine the harmful indirect and/or social effects, such as effects on driving and road traffic accidents and the consequences of any effect MDMA may have on sexual behaviour.

Report of the International Narcotics Control Board for 2008

Annual report of the INCB covering the international drug control conventions, the operation of the international drug control system and giving an analysis of the world situation as well as recommendations to governments and other national and international bodies.

Understanding and modifying the impact of parents’ substance misuse on children

outline the huge literature on the potentially negative impact on children of growing up with a parent who has an alcohol or drug problem, the risk factors that can exacerbate this effect, and resilience and the protective factors that can reduce it. Clear ways that practitioners can intervene to reduce risk and to increase resilience are discussed.

Plan for Action on Alcohol 2002

A plan to significantly reduce the harm caused by alcohol in Scotland.

The NTA: unzipping treatment facts

A dozen rehabs in the UK have closed and others made counsellors redundant. Most depend on the state for clients – but it refers only 2% of drug abusers to drug-free treatment, creating a crisis of empty beds and waiting lists of people desperate to fill them. Taxes were spent on a redefinition of “recovery” excluding drug/alcohol-free goals. Deirdre Boyd feels the seven-year itch for change.